PSEA Endorsed

The Pennsylvania Health & Welfare Fund continues to recognize Hillendale Associates, Inc. as the sole endorsed firm to distribute the PSEA Voluntary Life and PSEA Voluntary Disability products.


Hillendale Associates is proud to serve the Pennsylvania public school market for over 40 years with over 95% client retention.  As the sole endorsed benefits firm to distribute the approved PSEA insurance products, we strive to enable and empower each school district through the state of Pennsylvania. 

These valuable benefits are available to PA school district employees to provide financial protection to themselves and their families. The Health & Welfare fund is committed to providing competitive high-quality products.

Group Disability Insurance

Accidents or illness can take place at the blink of an eye, but the consequences can be far-reaching. Your health insurance can take care of medical bills, but how will you pay for the monthly payments such as mortgage, car, utilities, food, taxes and other insurances?

Group Life Insurance

How much do you really need? Have you ever thought what your spouse would live on in your absence. The cost of your home, colleges, weddings and everyday living expenses would persist. We suggest you sit with a financial advisor to get the numbers and react accordingly.